Best Ergongomic Mouse Reviews 2016

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Top 3 Best Ergongomic Mouse Reviews 2016:


Our Favorite Mice:

Logitech MX Master Wireless/Bluetooth Mouse

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Logitech MX


  • Precise Tracking – With the Logitech Dark Field laser, the MX Master tracks precisely on nearly any surface, including high gloss surfaces like glass.
  • Bluetooth OR USB connectivity – Take your pick. If you are using a Macbook, Macbook Pro, or another modern laptop, the bluetooth connectivity is fantastic. Just connect and go. If you are using an older device, or prefer usb dongles, you can connect that way as well. Not only that, but the USB dongle is a Logitech “unifying” dongle, meaning that you can connect other Logitech devices through the same dongle.
  • Easy Connections to Multiple Computers – The MX Master has a switch on the bottom that allows you to quickly switch between multiple computers at once. You no longer need to disconnect and reconnect between computers!
  • Lithium Polymer Batteries – No need to fuss with external battery charges. The MX Master charges via USB and the batteries last for days if not weeks. In addition, the battery is lightweight, thereby helping the mouse glide easily.
  • Ergonomic Design – The mouse size is perfect for an average adult’s hand and the buttons are all reasonably placed, even for folks with smaller hands. The mouse itself is made out of a rubberized plastic, which makes it feel, well… good!
  • Strange tertiary button feel – The thumb button is strange and difficult to press.
  • Horizontal/Thumb scroll wheel feels “hard” in comparison to vertical scroll wheel.
  • Styling – Styling is in the eye of the beholder, but I wouldn’t say it is as sleek as other high end mice.
  • Price – The MX Master is priced at the high end.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

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  • Size – The size is probably appropriate for an average adult, if perhaps a bit on the small side.
  • Precision – The sculpt features Microsoft’s Blue Track technology, meaning that it can track on even the most reflective of surfaces, including glass!
  • Style – Sleek and smooth, the Sculpt mouse looks great.
  • Customizable Buttons – On Windows, at least, it is possible to create custom mappings for feature buttons
  • Shape – Shorter than many comparable mouses and shaped like a ball. This may be appealing to some users, but in practice, it means that more of your wrist may rest on the mousing surface. As I discussed in How to Use a Mouse, it is important to mouse from the arm, rather than wrist. The Sculpt may inadvertently encourage poor mousing habits.
  • Button Position – The feature buttons are placed further forward than many comparable mouses, meaning that you may have to strain to reach them.
  • Power Source – Relies on AA batteries. Enough said. In my experience the best ergonomic mice tend to use lithium polymer batteries and this one doesn’t, adding weight and potential hassle.
  • Smudges Easily – The sleek, smooth exterior also shows smudges and fingerprints easily. Personally, I could really care less, but for some folks this is something that matters.

Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

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  • Unique portable design – makes it easy to fit the mouse into a pocket and take it anywhere.
  • Touch scroll wheel – Easy to use, reliable and provides sufficient haptic feedback in order to make scrolling easy.
  • Build Quality – The Arc is well built. It looks like some sort of space phaser from the future, and is put together in a way that reflects its high end design.
  • Tracking and Sensitivity – Particularly for a portable mouse, I found the tracking and sensitivity of the Arc to be top notch.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – For Mac users in particular, this is basically a must-have. Makes connecting easy, and you don’t have to keep track of that small usb dongle that has a tendency to get lost.
  • Mobile Ergonomics – Because it is designed first and foremost to be small and portable, the Arc does not have the same ergonomics as other less portable mice. That said, for its purpose, the form factor and ergonomics are some of the best I’ve encountered.
  • Secondary Functions – I found the side button difficult to reach and use effectively.
  • AAA batteries rather than lithium polymer – Adds weight and feels like a cut corner, particularly at this price point on a portable mouse.