The Best Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Today I am going to do something out of the norm and talk about mouse pads.  Why mouse pads?  Well, the interesting thing about a mouse pad is that you shouldn’t ever need one.  I’ve written extensively in the past about why it is important to mouse from the arm instead of the wrist.  Theoretically, then, a mouse pad is an unnecessary expense, because if you are mousing properly, there is nothing to “pad.”  Your mouse is the pad.

With that said, there are still some reasons that you might want to consider purchasing a comfortable mouse pad:

Better Tracking

Though mice have gotten better at tracking on imperfect surfaces, they still aren’t perfect.  A mouse pad on a glass or textured desk may help the mouse track more accurately, which in turn means fewer movements.  Fewer movements means fewer repetitive motions and a reduced likelihood of developing and RSI injury.

Rests Between Mousing

In some cases, you may want to rest your wrist briefly between mouse movements.  For instance, you might be reading an article and scrolling using the mouse wheel.  During these periods of time, its fine to rest your wrist on a mouse pad with an integrated wrist wrest.  Just remember to lift your wrist once you begin mousing again.  For some folks, the wrist wrest may be too tempting, so I would only recommend going this route if you have developed sufficient muscle memory to mouse properly.

Protects Your Desk

Though not strictly a mouse-pad consideration, a good mouse pad can prevent you from scratching the beautiful rosewood top on your luxury office desk.

Given that there are some reasonable reasons for purchasing an ergonomic mouse pad, here are some things to look for when making such a purchase.  Or, if you prefer to just cut to the chase, click here for our #1 choice on Amazon.

Key Factors to Consider:


Look for a mouse pad that is built in such a way that it wont fall apart.  Some mouse pads are constructed with plastic that wears out quickly.  Pay particular attention to seams and construction materials.  For instance, mouse pads that are glued together with poor adhesives that are not reinforced may fall apart.

Anti-Slip Base

The last thing you want is a mouse pad that slides around on your desk.  Seek out a mouse pad that has a good, firm anti-slip base.  Typically these mouse pads use a special gum-rubber on the bottom that grips the mousing surface well.

Wrist Wrest (Or Not)

As mentioned above, a wrist wrest is a matter of preference.  For those who do prefer to have a wrist wrest, make sure that it is comfortable and will not interfere with proper mousing technique.  Others may explicitly prefer mouse pads without a wrist wrest in order to encourage better mousing technique.

Mousing Surface

The key here is minimal friction.  The less force required in order to move the mouse, the less likely you are to overshoot mousing targets and the fewer movements you will need to make.  In addition, look for a mousing surface that allows your mouse to track properly.  Since nearly all mice are now optical, this means that some texture on the mousing surface may be desirable, though not so much that it creates friction.

Best Ergonomic Mouse Pads 2016:

  1. Seenda Aluminium Mouse Pad with Non-Slip Rubber Base (Check Price >>)
  2. Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad (Check Price >>)
  3. Belkin 8″x9″ Mouse Pad (Check Price >>)

Seenda Aluminium Mouse Pad with Non-Slip Rubber Base

(Check Price >>)


  • Non-Slip Backing – The backing materials on the Seenda mouse pad are top-notch.
  • High Quality Materials – Whether its the aluminum bevel, or the precise mousing surface, the materials on the Seenda are top of the line.
  • Additional Area – The uncovered portion of the mouse pad gives you room for pens or other items.
  • Sleek Design – Good looking and easy to clean.


  • Tracking – Some users reported tracking issues with particular Logitech mice.

Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad

(Check Price >>)


  • Non-Slip Backing – The gel material of the Belkin WaveRest prevents the mouse pad from sliding.
  • Integrated Wrist Wrest – Provides wrist support when not mousing.


  • Build Quality – Some users have reported that the mouse pad wore out too quickly..
  • Pad Conformance – The wrist pad does not conform to the wrist, merely supports the wrist.

Belkin 8″x9″ Mouse Pad

(Check Price >>)


  • Value – The basic Belkin mouse pad, provides excellent value at an affordable price point.
  • No Frills – For those that prefer functionality over looks, this is the most basic and functional mouse pad on the market.


  • Appearance – Not much going here, just a basic mouse pad.


More so that most computer purchases, the ideal mouse pad is truly a matter of preference.  At such affordable price points, you might even consider buying a couple, trying them out, and using the one that you find most comfortable and injury prone.

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