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Are you looking for the best ergonomic mouse? This guide will go over some of the key things to look for when purchasing an ergonomic mouse, and our recommendations for the best ergonomic mouse of 2017! Or, if you just want to cut to the chase, click here to see our #1 pick on

1/2/2017: Updated for 2017 — click here to see our guide from 2016.

Top 3 Best Ergongomic Mouse Reviews 2017:

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing an ergonomic mouse. We have carefully evaluated some of the best ergonomic mice on the market for things like build quality, button position, wrist position, tracking quality, power source, materials and shape. As a result, I believe this may be the most comprehensive guide to ergonomic mice on the internet. Hopefully you will find it useful in selecting a mouse that fits your needs and budget.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying an Ergonomic Mouse:

Build Quality

It goes without saying that you want a mouse that is build to last. Many of the newer, low-cost mice on the market are sourced generically from China, and while they may provide solid ergonomics, the quality of the build may be lacking. Consider the quality of the buttons, materials and fit when making a mouse purchase. Cheap buttons, in particular, are likely to fail more quickly and may hurt the ergonomics of the mouse as well. For instance, if a mouse button is difficult to press, and you are pressing it thousands, perhaps 10’s of thousands of times per day, you may be putting yourself at risk for a repetitive stress injury.

Button Position

If you are stretching in order to reach the mouse buttons, then the mouse doesn’t fit and you should find one that does. It never ceases to amaze me how poorly positioned some buttons are, particularly the tertiary buttons found on fully featured mice. If you have to stretch to reach a mouse button, and that movement is performed frequently throughout the day, that movement pattern may result in injury. Save yourself some pain and find a mouse that fits your hand comfortably.

Wrist Position

Many modern mice put the wrist in a position that is not entirely flat. In the extreme, a number of vertical mice have entered the market in the past couple years as well. These mice seek to minimize ulnar deviation, a wrist movement that is thought to be linked to tendinitis.

Tracking Quality

The better a mouse tracks, the less likely it is that you will need to perform the same movement multiple times in order to get the mouse to go where you want it to. Over the course of the day, these movements can add up. There are a number of new technologies available, such as the Darkfield technology from Logitech, which allow mice to track more precisely on non-optimal surfaces. Seek a mice that will be easy to control and precise when needed.

Power Source

While not strictly related to ergonomics, one additional thing to consider is the power source for your mouse. If you prefer wired mice, then this might not be a factor. However, for wireless mice, there are several options. Many older and lower end mice tend to use typical AAA batteries. By using rechargeable batteries, you can avoid creating needless environmental waster, but it can still be a hassle to deal with recharging batteries and swapping them out all the time. A better option, and my personal preference, is to find a mouse that uses lithium ion batteries. Typically these mice recharge via USB. You can simply plug in your mouse while you’re away when the battery is getting low, and not have to deal with swapping batteries in and out.

Our Favorite Mice:

Logitech MX Master Wireless/Bluetooth Mouse

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Logitech MX

  • Precise Tracking – The Logitech Dark Field laser allows for precise tracking on virtually any surface
  • Bluetooth OR USB connectivity – Provides for connecting via either bluetooth OR a provided usb dongle.  That means that you can connect via bluetooth when convenient on your Mac, or via WiFi on older computers.  Additionally, the “unifying” dongle allows other logitech devices to connect to the same dongle, freeing up USB ports for other uses
  • Easy Connections to Multiple Computers – No need to disconnect and reconnect between computers, simply flip the switch on the bottom of the mouse.
  • Lithium Polymer Batteries – Charges via USB and the high capacity lithium battery stays charged for weeks.  A high end battery for a high end mouse..
  • Ergonomic Design – High quality rubberized materials and a design that perfectly cups the hand of an average sized developer.  One of the most comfortable designs I have encountered.
  • Strange tertiary button feel –Usage of the thumb button is strained and just uncomfortable to use.
  • Horizontal/Thumb – The thumb scroll feels more rigid than other inputs which is bit jarring.
  • Styling – Some have commented that the styling is not great, although personally I like it quite a bit.
  • Price – Priced at the higher end of the market, though in this case you get what you pay for.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

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  • Size – The size is, perhaps, a bit small for the average developer, though perfect if you have smaller or medium sized hands.
  • Precision – Microsoft’s Blue Track technology is Microsoft’s answer to Logitech’s Dark Field technology.  Tracks precisely, even on glossy surfaces.
  • Style – Not much else to say here — the Sculpt mouse looks great.
  • Customizable Buttons – It is possible to create custom mappings for all buttons on Windows.
  • Shape – Personally, I found the shape to be a bit less comfortable than form-fitting designs like the Logitech.  The short and stubby design may appealing to some users, but in practice, it means that more of your wrist may rest on the mousing surface. As a result, it may position your wrist in a position that is more extended than would be ideal.
  • Button Position – The forward position of the feature buttons means that you may need to stretch in order to reach them.  While the overall design fits small to medium sized hands, the button positions suggest a larger hand design.
  • Power Source – For such a high end mouse, its strange that Microsoft decided to use AA batteries.  While you can hack it by purchasing an external charger, it would have been nice if Microsoft had gone with a lithium polymer battery.
  • Smudges Easily – The glossy finish of the mouse shows smudges and fingerprints easily.

Kensington SlimBlade Trackball

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Pros of the Kensington SlimBlade Trackball:

  • Precise Tracking – Utilizes two lasers to track position rather than one or the more common mechanical sensors for extra precise tracking.
  • Customizable Buttons – Allows all 4 buttons to be customized so you can get things dialed in for optimal efficiency.
  • Sleek Design – One of the best looking mice on the market, bar none.

Cons of the Kensington SlimBlade Trackball:

  • Wired USB – Strange that such a high end mouse would use a wired connection, although not a particularly big deal for a trackball.
  • Precision vs. Traditional Mouse – Trackballs are typically not as precise as traditional mice.