DXRacer Formula Series Bucket Chair Review

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On July 31, 2016
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The DXRacer F-Series chairs are a high-quality race car-inspired option and among the best chairs for gamers.

Continuing our series on ergonomic chairs for gamers, today we’re taking a look at the DXRacer Formula Series Bucket Chair.  DXRacer has a particularly interesting story in that the company actually started in the automotive industry.  Founded in 2003, DXRacer sought to build high-end, high-quality, performance seats for racecars.  Due to their success and stellar reputation in the auto industry, they have been able to branch out into other niches such as office and gaming chairs.

The first thing you notice about the DXRacer chairs is the clear racing heritage.  Particularly when it comes to gaming chairs, the padding, bolsters, shape and finish are all inspired heavily by their automotive counterparts.  The racing heritage is fantastic because it means that DXRacer chairs will stand up to even the most intense gaming sessions.  After all, if they can survive the temperatures and abuse they receive on the race track, surely, they can handle a few sessions of Gran Turismo or Grand Theft Auto.

Another fantastic feature of DXRacer chairs is the wide variety of shapes, styles and designs.  DXRacer produces 6 lines of gaming-oriented chairs.  They are the F, R, K, D, I and M lines.  The apparently random naming conventions aside, the variety of options means that you can really dial in exactly the fit and style that you want.  As a quick guide:

  • F Series: The smallest chairs available, targeting individuals not taller than 5′ 11″
  • R Series: Aimed towards tall and slender body types.
  • K Series: Wide and large, supports up to 300 lbs.
  • D Series: The most padded chair available, broad shoulders.
  •  I Series: Firmest padding available.
  • M Series: Most similar to an executive chair, padded without a fitted race car feel.

Today, we’re specifically looking at the DXRacer Formula (F) Series Bucket Chair, but it’s nice to know that there are a wide range of other chairs available from DXRacer.

By far, the best feature of the Formula Series chairs is the build quality and materials.  The chair is not made from real leather, but it feels as though it could be.  The polyurethane leather-type material is durable, breathable, comfortable and looks fantastic.  Given the race-inspired design, it’s not surprising that the DXRacer chairs are some of the most highly praised chairs on the market for their ability to stand the test of time.

Unlike other gaming chairs, the Formula Series chairs are elevated off the ground, in a similar fashion to an office chair.  The chair rolls around on casters, which is fantastic if you’re looking for chair that is portable.  The Formula Series is as adjustable as any gaming chair that I’ve come across in both height and recline (tilt lock).  Even the arm wrests are adjustable, which is great because I’ve often found them to be more of a hinderance than a functional feature when it comes to proper mousing technique.  The F-Series chairs can even be used as an office chair replacement if need be.  You might even win some style points, given the chair’s modern automotive-inspired design.

The one caveat to the DXRacer’s apparent perfection is that it is a bit small for me.  I am rather tall and slender at 6′ 3″, and the F-Series appears to be aimed at those who are 5′ 11″ or so and below.  Perhaps I would have been better off with an R-Series chair.  With that said, the padding quality was fantastic, and even I could get by with the F-Series for short tasks.

Pros of the DXRacer Formula Series Bucket Chair:

  • Build Quality – The DXRacer is built from a solid steel frame and top-notch materials.
  • Leather-Like Feel – The polyurethane leather is soft, breathable and feels nice.
  • Appearance – Modern looking, race inspired, stylish.
  • Adjustability – Adjustable in height, tilt-lock and arm wrest height.

Cons of the DXRacer Formula Series Bucket Chair:

  • Sizing – Does not fit taller individuals.  However, DXRacer offers several other models that do, including the R Series.

Final Conclusion

The DXRacer Formula Series Bucket Chair is one of the highest-quality chairs for gamers on the market.  The materials, durability and build quality are second to none.  It also looks really cool, which is to be expected given the company’s history in the race car industry.

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Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a high-quality gaming chair that can also be used in the office, give the DXRacer Formula Series Bucket Chair a shot!

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