Office Star Space Seating Deluxe AirGrid Manager Chair Review

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On April 28, 2016
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Possibly the best ergonomic chair for under $200 on the market, the Office Star Space Seating Deluxe AirGrid Manager Chair has a number of features found on higher end models for a fraction of the price. From a high quality seat cushion, to fully adjustable height and tilt, to a well designed and porous back support, the Deluxe AirGrid holds its own against some of the most popular chairs on the market.

As part of my ongoing series to find the best office chair, today I decided to review what might be the best ergonomic chair under $200 on the market, the Office Star Space Seating Deluxe AirGrid Manager Chair. I know that the name is quite a mouthful, but let’s break it down a bit just so that we’re on the same page. Office Star makes a number of different chairs.  The Space Seating line is their line focusing on modern, sleek office chairs.  Within the Space Seating line, the Deluxe AirGrid is a particular design, and the Manager is a particular version of that design.  Office star has literally hundreds of different models, so it is almost always possible to find a model that will work for you.

With that said, the Deluxe AirGrid is one of Office Star’s most popular models, balancing a number of higher end features with a budget-friendly design.  It proves to be a more affordable alternative to the Herman Miller Aeron, while still preserving many of the things that make the Aeron such a staple in the office place.

The core of the chair’s design is the ergonomic seat cushion.  Office Star claims the cushion is made out of “Eco Leather,” which ends up feeling sort of like a breathable version of suede.  I was pleasantly surprised that the material does not feel like the pleather typically found on lower end chairs, and that Office Star took the time to construct a high-quality, durable seat cushion.  The stitching appears to be heavy duty and the quality generally top-notch.  The cushion is not as firm as the one found on the Aeron, but it is not too soft either.

The lumbar support is not adjustable, though it does provide ample support.  It is very similar to the permeable back supports found on higher end chairs, and allows the back to breathe while avoiding pressure points with its suspension design.

Like many higher end chairs, the Deluxe AirGrid is adjustable in both height and tilt tension.  The arm wrests are also adjustable.  The chair rolls freely on any reasonably firm surface and the caster wheels are high quality and well built.

So where does the Deluxe AirGrid not quite measure up?  Well, in my opinion, the arm wrest appear to be the place that Office Star decided to cut corners.  As I’ve discussed elsewhere, it’s debatable whether you want to use the arm wrests at all in order to maintain proper sitting posture.  However, if you do insist on mousing while using the arm wrests, it is critical to maintain arm neutrality and to mouse with the whole arm as much as possible.  Instead, the arm wrests on the Deluxe AirGrid encourage the opposite with a concave design.  Others have complained that the arm wrests do not properly fit those with larger arms.  To me, they just felt cheap, and not nearly as soft and accommodating as the arm wrests found on higher end chairs.  Luckily, the arm wrests can actually be left off entirely when assembling the chair if you so desire.  Doing so would be my recommendation.

The other downside is that the AirGrid only comes in one size as far as I can tell.  The standard size from Amazon fits a medium to large frame, and so smaller individuals may want to consider other models from Office Star.

Pros of the Office Star Space Seating Deluxe AirGrid Manager Chair:

  • Back Support – The back support suspension system provides ample support and is breathable.  It is basically a knock off of the design from the Aeron
  • High Quality Seat Cushion – Not too hard, not too soft.  High quality workmanship and durable leather materials.
  • Fully Adjustable – Height and tilt tension (though not lumbar support).
  • Price – Reasonable.

Cons of the Office Star Space Seating Deluxe AirGrid Manager Chair:

  • Arm Wrests – Basically junk.
  • Size – May not fit everyone.

Final Conclusion

The Office Star Space Seating Deluxe AirGrid Manager Chair is a fantastic alternative to many higher end chairs at a fraction of the price.  In fact, this may be the best ergonomic chair for under $200 on the market.  It is (mostly) of a very high build quality, and will be right at home in any office setting.  Throw away or replace the arm wrests and you’ve got a really good chair at a bargain.

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Final Verdict: A fantastic bargain chair that will get you 90% of the way there for 20% of the price.



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