Stand Up Desk Store 60″ Crank Steel Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk Review

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On June 27, 2016
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As part of our ongoing series devoted to standup desks, today we are taking a look a a dedicated standup desk from none other than the appropriately named Stand Up Desk Store.  The Standup Desk Store is a provider of all sorts of stand up desks, including both desktop and dedicated models.  They make standup desks with a single platform, split-top with a separate keyboard tray, motorized, non-motorized and pretty much any other configuration you might be looking for.  So, if this particular model isn’t up your ally, you might want to browse some of the rest of their models to see if another one might fit your needs.

Today I am going to dive specifically into the the 60″ crank model, which is one of their more popular designs.  Although the name would imply that the main platform is 60″ inches wide, it is actually 59″.  With 60″ inches of usable space, however, it is unlikely that you will need the extra inch.  Interestingly, it also features a split-top, which is much more commonly found on desktop standing desk models.  In the case of a desktop standing desk, a split-top allows you to use the desk in both the retracted and extended positions without the need to move your mouse and keyboard on and off the tray.  With a dedicated standing desk, the advantages of a separate keyboard tray are not as clear.  In fact, in some cases, it may actually be a hinderance, as the available space for other items such as speakers becomes somewhat more limited.  It may have the advantage, however, of mitigating the need for a new monitor stand, since the desk itself elevates the monitor.  The platform sits about 3¾” inches above the keyboard tray, which may or may not be sufficient depending on your height.

The Stand Up Desk Store 60" Inch Model Provides a Wide Range of Adjusability

The Stand Up Desk Store 60″ Inch Model Provides a Wide Range of Adjustability

The frame itself is somewhat industrial in appearance and is made of powder coated steel.  It is very sturdy, however, and adjustable over a particularly wide range.  From a keyboard tray height of 29″ inches, all the way up to  40¾” inches,  it is clear that the Stand Up Desk Company designed this desk with taller folks in mind.  In fact, you’re probably more likely to have issues on the low end of the range if you happen to be on the shorter end of the spectrum.

In terms of portability, the 3″ inch casters make it relatively easy to move the desk around the office, provided that your office does not have particularly thick carpet.  In reality, since the desk alone weighs almost 90 lbs., you will probably want to move your desktop items and the desk separately.

The crank mechanism is straightforward, reliable and easy to use.   It is also relatively sturdy, but the desk comes with extra parts just in case.  It’s also worth noting that the Stand Up Desk Store also makes the same desk in an electric model.  In fact, the crank model even comes with the mounting points for the electric hardware.

Stand Up Desk Store 60" Crank Steel Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk

All this is to say that the Stand Up Desk Store has built a winner with the 60″ crank model, especially at such a reasonable price point.  There are, however, a couple areas that could be improved.  First, the platform itself is not real wood.  Though available in both black and dark walnut, it does not feel like wood either.  Second, I found the grey powder coating to leave something to be desired.  Though sturdy, the frame just feels a bit too industrial, which may or may not be appropriate for your work setting.

Pros of the Stand Up Desk Store 60″ Crank Steel Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk:

  • Wide Work Space – With 60″ inches of width, the desk easily accommodates two monitors and more.
  • Portable –3″ casters allow you to move the desk where you want it.
  • Reliable – The crank mechanism is easy to use and functional.
  • Split Platform Design  May mitigate the need for a monitor stand.  Also, a potential downside for some.
  • Price – Affordable entry level standing desk.

Cons of the Stand Up Desk Store 60″ Crank Steel Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk:

  • Platform – Not real wood.  Unclear that it will stand the desk of time
  • Industrial Steel Powder Coating  – May not blend in at the office.

Final Conclusion

The Stand Up Desk Store 60″ Crank Steel Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk is another fantastic product from the Stand Up Desk Store that will get you in the standing desk market at a reasonable price.  It leaves a bit to be desired in the looks department, but it is fully featured and will get the job done.

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Final Verdict: A reliable, simple and get-it-done product from a company you can trust.


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