X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Chair Review

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On July 28, 2016
Last modified:July 28, 2016


The X Rocker 51396 is, quite simply, one of the best gaming chairs on the market. From ergonomics, to audio quality, to build materials and design, X Rocker has built a winner.

9 to 5 ergonomics started as a blog dedicated to ergonomics in the workplace.  We’ve looked at the best ergonomic office chairs, the best ergonomic mice and the best standing desks on the market.  We haven’t really branched out from the office place, however.  Today I am going to take a look at the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Gaming Chair, which is definitely not an office chair.  Instead, it is an all-encompassing, top-of-the-line gaming chair for the hardcore gamers.

So why am I writing about a gaming chair on an ergonomics blog?  Well, it turns out that ergonomics matter for gamers too.  In fact, given the constant and high-speed repetitive motions involved in many modern games, ergonomics may be even more important for console gamers seeking to avoid RSI injuries than those spending their time doing relatively slower paced office tasks.

X Rocker is a top-notch chair manufacturer that has been in business since 2005.  They focus primarily on designing and building comfortable chairs aimed towards gaming, music listening and other multi-media settings.  The X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Gaming Chair is a top of the line model aimed specifically towards gamers with a particular emphasis on audio and comfort.

The 51396 features several ergonomically minded features.  While the chair is soft, it is not what I would call plush.  Instead, it provides ample lumbar support, and is tall enough to also provide a headrest.  The chair comes with arm wrests, though as I’ve written before, you may want to ditch them as they tend to interfere with natural movement patterns and can actually cause more problems than they solve.  In addition, the arm wrests are not of particularly high quality and are not padded.  All the more reason to ditch them.

As one might expect, the 51396 audio quality is top notch.  The chair includes two speakers and a ported subwoofer, which provide plenty of volume for even the most serious gamers.  The 51396 can even connect with other chairs for those who want to take their gaming with friends to another level.  The chair can receive audio via the provided wireless transmitter that hooks into your existing sound system via RCA cables.  The control panel allows you to independently adjust the bass and treble volume levels and also provides an auxiliary RCA output if you’d like to connect to other audio devices.  One thing to note is that the chair is actually capable of providing what I would describe as “too much volume.”  That is, the speakers can produce sounds that are loud enough to cause damage to your hearing over longer periods of time, so be sure to keep the volume at a reasonable level if you want to be able to hear in your later years!

The 51396 allows you tilt and swivel, and comes with a pedestal that positions the chair up high enough that your legs can extend comfortably.  It does not, however, recline as much as other more couch-like chairs on the market.  Though reclining can be an ergonomically advantageous position in some cases, soft couches tend not to provide a great deal of lower back support, which can have a negative impact on the spine.  The 51396, on the other hand, fully supports the back and positions you slightly more upright as a consequence.

 Pros of the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Chair:

  • Setup – Out of the box, the X Rocker 51396 can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.
  • Back Support – Ample lumbar support and even includes a headrest.
  • Appearance – Modern looking, and stylish.
  • Built in Speakers – Clear, high-end speakers deliver quality audio.

Cons of the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Gaming Chair:

  • Recline – Does not recline particularly far if that is a preferred position.
  • Arm Wrests  – Cheap, unpadded and unnecessary.

Final Conclusion

The X Rocker 51396 is a top of the line chair for a gamer that wants all the bells and whistles.  Unlike a couch, the 51396 provides an immersive gaming experience while also providing an ergonomic design.  The wireless audio quality is as good as any stereo system and is designed a particular eye towards gaming.  If you are looking for a high-quality chair that will support your gaming habits, this may be the one.

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Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a top of the line gaming chair at a reasonable price, try out the X Rocker 51396.


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